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Toskas Athanasios Mechanical Engineer - Energy Certificates -
Fire Safety - Hydraulic Electrical Installations - Istiaia Evia


The technical and commercial office of TOSKAS MECHANICAL E / M facilities was established in 2012, as well as before the establishment of the technical office, participation in technical companies with large construction and design projects. Utilizing long-term specialization and experience in Heating - Air Conditioning systems and E / M studies. With operating principles, the provision of integrated services and high technology products with strict specifications and certifications, it offers optimal solutions for each application. The well-trained staff of the office takes care of the daily and future needs of its clients.

The customer is always at the center of our interest and our support forever.

Issuance of building permits
Security Technician Services
Energy Certificates
Responsible Installer Statement
License to operate stores
Heating - Air conditioning - Ventilation
Materials trade

Materials trade

Heat pumps LG, DAIKIN - Oil, wood, gas, liquefied petroleum gas boilers - Circulators - Solar water heaters and solar systems - Ventilation Fans - Air conditioners LG, DAIKIN, INVENTOR, MIDEA - Hydraulic materials