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Trade in materials
Toskas Athanasios Mechanical Engineer
Energy Certificates - Fire Safety - Hydraulic Electrical Installations - Istiaia Evia


The technical and commercial office of TOSKAS MECHANICAL E / M facilities was established in 2012, as well as before the establishment of the technical office, participation in technical companies with large construction and design projects.

Utilizing long-term specialization and experience in Heating - Air Conditioning systems and E / M studies. With operating principles, the provision of integrated services and high technology products with strict specifications and certifications, it offers optimal solutions for each application.

The well-trained staff of the office takes care of the daily and future needs of its clients.

  • Radiators switches
  • Heat pumps LG, DAIKIN
  • Boilers for oil, wood, natural gas, LPG
  • Circulators
  • Solar water heaters and solar systems
  • Ventilation fans
  • Air conditioners LG, DAIKIN, INVENTOR, MIDEA
  • Hydraulic materials